Welcome to the beginnings of something spontaneously off the cuff. A post travel, post Brexit blog that aims to share some of my memoirs from different lands and cultures, whilst allowing me to rid of some pent up social commentary on a very different UK to the one I left. The agenda is as organic as the nature of its origin – to freely right about past events when and where I can without being held accountable for providing a real time description of my every waking moment of my #travels. The concept and ideas of this blog are very much subject to change as my understanding of what I want from it does. I see it, in this idea, as a digital note book with a semi forged path of objectivity (as simplified as that might be at this stage). A virtualised dumping ground that delves into some snap shots of my ‘adventures’ juxtaposed with a bit of chaos from my own ramblings on post travelling, post Brexit life. Let’s see how this goes.